Use Game Thinking to create an experience worth mastering

For a long time, games have been teaching their customers to form habits and become immersed in their products. Gamification promised to deliver game-like engagement — and failed because layering progress mechanics onto existing activities doesn’t capture the true magic of games.

Game Thinking is based on the principles that gaming companies use to “find the fun” and drive long-term engagement. Companies like Slack, Kickstarter, Snapchat,, and Happify already use Game Thinking to deliver an experience worth mastering – and an ascension path worth exploring. These companies don’t focus on progress markers – instead, they deliver a repeatable, pleasurable, high-value core experience — coupled with a meaningful path to mastery that leverages the energy and skills of their most engaged customers.

If you want to create compelling experiences that drive long-term engagement and empower your customers, Game Thinking is your roadmap and blueprint.


  • Gain insights of game thinking, gamification, and design thinking industry trends and patterns.
  • Consult with game thinking, gamification, and design thinking experts.
  • Make long lasting connections with global industry experts from across Asia.
  • Advance your role and impact with the latest know-hows and business actions.


  • Gain blended knowledge of developing a viable, favourable, and feasible product and marketing experience
  • Obtain the ability to identify your innovators and early adopters in order to engage them and accelerate your path to commercialization
  • Learn the know-hows to build favorable products and engaging marketing strategies


If you’re looking for a fresh look on an effective strategy to come out with a new product line or marketing campaign faster, smarter, and better, game thinking is definitely for you. This conference will gather like-minded people who are keen to discuss and share ideas and experiences of applying game thinking in their products, marketing outreach, and customer experiences.


Chief Innovation Officer, Head, Director, Manager, and Executives of the following: Product developers, Product Designers, Product Developers, Product Managers, Product Marketing


Chief Executive Officers (CEO), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO), Head, Director, Manager, and Executives of the following: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Communications, Sales


Head, Director, Manager, Executives, and Specialist of the following: Customer Experience, UI/UX Designer, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Insight


Startups and entrepreneurs with a concept or prototype finding product or market fit

Game Thinking Wants To Help Product Designers Unlock Their Creativity

Amy Jo Kim at Game Thinking Live.

Amy Jo Kim is a famous game designer who helped fashion some wondrously creative works such as The Sims, Rock Band, and Covet Fashion. And now she is extracting what she calls “Game Thinking” from the process of making games, and she’s applying it to other kinds of product design.

In years past, a superficial version of this was called “gamification.” But it turned out to be a bust, largely because it’s hard to bolt on game-like features onto products that are already designed. Kim believes Game Thinking is really more about a process, where you use playtesting, learning, and communication with super fans to get a product right before you launch it.

I attended part of Kim’s Game Thinking Live event last month in Burlingame, California. She ran it in a talk show format for both a live audience and others watching online from around the world. And then I interviewed Kim about it afterward. That helped me understand the scope of her movement to try to get the world to think like game designers. (Kim will moderate a session on science fiction, tech, and games at our GamesBeat Summit event in Berkeley, Calif., on May 1-2).

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