Overall Mobile Gaming Market to Surpass $222 Billion in 2022

The gaming market grows faster than any other market in the world and constitutes a large part of a country’s economy. Within the gaming market is the mobile gaming market; it represents sixty-one percent of the overall gaming market.

According to a new report, the market for mobile gaming is growing 1.7% faster than the entire gaming market. Additionally, according to the International Data Corporation and data.ai, the mobile gaming market is set to go above $222 billion in 2022.

The number of people who download mobile games globally increases every day as new games are being released. According to the reports, users download more mobile games, 45% more, each week, clocking above 11 billion games weekly.

The Head of Market Insights at data.ai, Lexi Sydow, stated that the industry is witnessing greater diversity across gaming genres. This diversity is giving publishers the opportunity to serve new generations across different genders and generations.

For example, consumers spent at least $1.6 billion weekly on mobile games in Q1 2022 on Google Play and iOS. Meanwhile, the biggest growth in the global consumer spend market share was recorded in the Asia Pacific, with China leading in Q1 2022.

On the other hand, Western Europe and North America constitute half of the mobile game spending. According to Lewis Ward, gamers’ contextual data will become more important as vendors and regulatory bodies prioritize data security and privacy.

Furthermore, there are more varied preferences for mobile game genres, with the top ten games representing eight distinct subgenres. Core games with player-versus-player and other real-time virtual features or cross-platform play are some of the most popular genres across the gaming spectrum.

Gen X and Baby Boomers grew steadily in mobile game spending while almost fifty percent of top mobile game spending skew females. Mobile gaming is dominating the gaming world, being the primary growth driver of digital game consumption.